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Good Argumentative Essay Topics to Craft a Persuasive Essay

Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

University students often need to write an argumentative essay. It refers to an essay in which the writer makes an argument using research and examples to lend support to their point. It’s crucial to choose good argumentative essay topics. It’s because the topic you choose impacts how the reader feels about your essay. You also need to structure your essay correctly. It will enable you to strike a great impression on the reader. In this article, you’ll find more about this type of essay. Then, you’ll also discover a range of topics on which you can prepare an argumentative essay.

What Argumentative Essay Means?

An argumentative essay refers to writing that takes a position on an issue. In an effective one, the writer tries to convince their reader to comprehend and support their argument. They do it by providing reasoning and evidence. Topics for argumentative essay are usually related to technology, science, healthcare, and politics.

The central argument in this kind of essay is rooted in research. So, an effective essay is based on a new or established study. It’s not based on the writer’s personal feelings. As a result, the argument demonstrates to the reader that it relies on facts rather than thoughts and opinions.

Some Good Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

Many students find themselves in writer’s block. It’s difficult for them to find topics for writing an argumentative essay. However, that doesn’t have to be the case now. Here are some great essay help not only for kids but also for high school, middle, and college students.

Argumentative Essay Topics For Children

Children can also make small argumentative essays on various topics. They include the following.

  1. Why shouldn’t there be any school uniform?
  2. Why should smoking get banned?
  3. Gym classes should be a regular part of school life.
  4. Should homework get banned?
  5. All children should use social media.
  6. Every child should have the right and freedom to watch TV.

Essay Topics For Students

Students of all academic levels can write this essay. Some easy argumentative essay topics to explore are as follows.

  1. Why should everyone vote?
  2. Why should people who earn more pay more taxes?
  3. Is school education preparing students for the real world?
  4. Is the #MeToo movement generating awareness?
  5. Can students benefit from single-sex education?
  6. Should the United States stop gun control?

Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Middle school students will benefit a lot by writing argumentative essays. They can try out the following topics.

  1. Do video games impact the minds of underage people?
  2. Is a balanced diet a part of every American’s life?
  3. Is downloading copyrighted content legal?
  4. Should class representatives be honored with special treatment?
  5. What is the impact of global warming?
  6. Is it right to ban photoshop?
  7. Can students be taught a foreign language in a public school?

Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

College students can focus on topics that make them aware of what’s happening in the world. Here are some effective ideas for them.

  1. Is it okay to ban drinking?
  2. Is it right to ban energy boosters?
  3. What is a suitable age to start drinking?
  4. Can death penalties be legalized in every part of the world?
  5. Can the sale of alcohol and tobacco be illegalized?
  6. Why should court proceedings get displayed on television?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Science

There are many interesting topics you can explore in the science domain. Some exciting ones include the following.

  1. Are GMOs beneficial for people or harm them?
  2. Should fracking get legal?
  3. Is there a need for students to get vaccinated when they require to attend public school?
  4. Should parents have the ability to modify their unborn child?
  5. Should world governments work together to address climate change?

Essay Topics On Health

There are various aspects of the healthcare domain that writers can study. Some good essay topics are as follows.

  1. Should assisted suicide get legal?
  2. Minors be given the right to buy birth control without the consent of their parents?
  3. Should doctors have the right to promote medicines?
  4. Weight loss items like green teas and fat burner capsules be permitted to get advertised through influencers?

Essay Topics On Technology

As technology evolves rapidly, many aspects of it have come under debate. You can explore the following topics in this domain.

  1. Should self-driving cars get legal?
  2. Should laws get instituted against using cell phones while you are driving?
  3. Is substituting human workers with automation ethical?
  4. Should Facebook be permitted to gather data from its users?
  5. Has the internet affected human society in a positive or negative way?

Argumentative Essay Ideas On Government

In this domain, you can explore government institutions of different countries. Some subjects you can cover under government include the following:

  1. Should prisoners have the right to vote?
  2. Is modern America benefitting from the system of the electoral college?
  3. Should voter registration be automated?
  4. Can Puerto Rico become a state?
  5. Should the justices of the Supreme Court be elected?

How to Select Good Argumentative Essay Topics?

Nobody likes to read an essay that has a boring topic. People want to read engaging content. So, you must choose a topic that sufficiently attracts people’s attention. Follow these steps to select good topics for yourself for this essay.

  1. Brainstorm topics – Think about various ideas. Engage in a brainstorming session so you can explore where your interests lie. Remember that writing an argumentative essay will become easier and more fun when you choose an exciting topic. Some sources to get topic ideas include your daily life, current affairs, books, and TV.
  2. Determine who your audience is – Before finding a topic, identify your audience. For instance, if you want to create an essay for your classmates, you can write about technological advancements, movies, and social media. So, select a topic as per your audience’s nature.
  3. Choose an arguable topic – There are many interesting things to study about. But not each of them is worth writing an essay. Therefore, you must choose a topic on which you can argue persuasively. Otherwise, you cannot provide solid supporting evidence.

Outline Of An Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay aims to outline a particular point clearly. Below is the structure of a good argumentative essay.

  1. Introduction – It makes up the first paragraph of your work. Here you outline the topic and give relevant background information so that the reader understands your argument. Here, you also outline the evidence you’ll be discussing and state your thesis.
  2. The thesis statement – It comes in the first paragraph itself. It is a short summary of your central point. So, don’t make it more than one sentence long.
  3. Body – The next section of an argumentative essay format is the body paragraphs. A usual essay has three or more body paragraphs. They describe the reasons behind why you support your thesis. Every body paragraph should deal with a separate idea. It should have a topic sentence that clearly illustrates why your reader should agree with your stance. In these paragraphs, you provide research, examples, or studies to back up your claim. You also address the opposing viewpoints. Remember that presenting facts and looking at a topic from all angles will add credibility to your essay.
  4. Conclusion – This is the paragraph that restates your thesis. In the concluding paragraph, you’ll summarize each one of your arguments. Don’t include any new argument here. Instead, try to write a conclusion that appeals to the emotions of the reader.

How To Prepare An Effective Argumentative Essay?

This essay can only be successful if you write it persuasively. So, here are some key tips to consider.

  1. Begin your introduction with a hook. A hook is an exciting statement or a statistic that immediately grabs the reader’s attention. Use evocative language to get the reader to keep reading your argument.
  2. Give some background information. Your audience is not familiar with your topic. So, you must provide them with a context through which they can understand the topic.
  3. Always support your claims with appropriate evidence. You cannot simply state anything that comes to your mind. If you don’t provide enough evidence, it will not be persuasive.
  4. Remember that evidence is at the core of your argument. So, research well when you are writing the essay. Use sources like scientific journals, newspaper articles, and encyclopedias. They will provide you with the hard proof that you need to prove your point. As a result, you will strengthen your argument and convince the readers.
  5. While writing, think about how your opposition will respond to what you are saying. Then, find arguments that you will use to oppose them. Thus, it will make your argument strong enough to tolerate your contestant’s view.

Final Words

Hopefully, this long article will give you a lot of inspiration to write effective impactful essay. You won’t find it difficult to come across good argumentative essay topics after going through this post. You can also structure the essay well, keeping in mind the tips in this article. Thus, you’ll be able to impress your readers and persuade them to agree with your argument.

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