Persuasive Speech Topics

List of Good Persuasive Speech Topics for Brilliant Speeches

Good Persuasive Speech Topics

A persuasive speech refers to a particular kind of speech wherein the speaker aims to convince the listeners or readers to accept or favor their viewpoint. It’s a big feat to create and deliver such a speech. You should have a set of good persuasive speech topics to deliver. The speech is structured to make the audience accept most or a part of what the speaker or the writer says. Although the primary goal of such a speech is to convince the audience into buying a particular point of view, it’s also worth remembering that not everyone can be convinced.

What Makes Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

Not every topic can allow you to develop a speech that leads to a standing ovation. Here are some questions that’ll help you find which speech topics will prove to be successful.

Does the topic appeal to you?

An integral part of creating a persuasive speech is undertaking in-depth research on the subject matter you’ve chosen. It’s why you should consider only that topic for a persuasive speech that you wholeheartedly enjoy. The more you enjoy learning about it, the easier it will become to create a speech. So ask yourself if the topic interests you.

When you explain a subject that excites you, your audience can also feel it. They become much more engaged in your speech and find it compelling. Another effective way to find a topic is to go by people’s suggestions. If that’s the case, you’ll undoubtedly have a good time writing a speech on it.

Does the topic is of interest to your audience?

It’s good to list down some topics for a persuasive speech that you feel fully confident about. However, you also need to keep your audience in mind. The topics should not be of interest to you only, but to them as well. Find whether other people also share your interest. You certainly do not want to bore them with your carefully prepared speech.

To determine whether a particular topic will be of interest to your audience, you need to gain a thorough understanding of them. Research on your audience to discover what captivates their attention the most. What is it that they really care about? What are some topics that they can genuinely relate to? Only when you can find issues that are of equal interest to both your audience and yourself will you set yourself up for success.

Is the speech topic been used by others quite many times?

Below is an exhaustive list of some of the best persuasive speech topics across various categories. Go through them and choose the ones you feel are perfect for you.

Exciting Persuasive Speech Topics from Different Categories

Below is an exhaustive list of some of the best persuasive speech topics across various categories. Go through them and choose the ones you feel are perfect for you.

Exciting Persuasive Speech Topics from Different Categories

Art and culture

You can explore a lot of things in this domain. Some effective topics are as follows.

  1. Do novels and romantic movies create an unreal concept of love?
  2. The gradual eclipse of ancient art forms.
  3. Does exposing oneself to movies or serials about teenage suicide prevent or encourage it?
  4. Museums as the diminishing repository of arts and culture.
  5. Is modern art defined by an absence of authenticity?


You can research a lot about minimum wages to how to enhance work productivity. Find them below.

  1. Should the federal minimum wage be raised?
  2. Will Brexit support or be harmful to the UK’s economy?
  3. Is tipping a mandatory job in a restaurant?
  4. Should work from home become the new normal?
  5. Should there be a specific retirement age that is mandatory?


There are many good speech topics that you can research if you wish to create a persuasive speech in the technology domain. Find them below.

  1. How safe are the internet chat rooms?
  2. Is social media an end to face-to-face communication?
  3. Is net neutrality a positive or negative thing?
  4. Has technology enabled an individual to connect to more people or isolated them?
  5. What’s the impact of robots on the employment opportunity for humans?
  6. Should the government regulate internet usage?


The environment field is very vast, and you can discover a range of topics for yourself. Some great persuasive speech topics that university students can explore include the following.

  1. People be permitted to own exotic animal species like monkeys and tigers?
  2. Is it right to ban puppy mills?
  3. Should NASA’s budget be increased by the US government?
  4. Is it right to consider animal testing illegal?
  5. Can Pluto be called a planet?

University and career

There are many persuasive speech topics for college. Go through them below.

  1. Should every person go to college after finishing school?
  2. Should a person pursue a career based on income potential or according to their passion?
  3. Does the same-sex college have any benefits, or is it an obsolete concept?
  4. Are there any advantages of taking a gap year before beginning college?
  5. Has the conventional college model become obsolete in today’s day and age?

Family and religion

You can amass much knowledge by researching various aspects of the family and religion domain. Listed below.

  1. Should children possess the right to physical and virtual privacy from their guardians or parents?
  2. Is it good for a young child to go to daycare or stay with their parent?
  3. Which is the most potent influence on the character of an individual, nature or nurture?
  4. How does acquiring knowledge about your family ancestors affect you in the present and future?
  5. Which are the most effective parenting style and the reason for them.
  6. What are the advantages of coming from a religious community?

Social media

You can find various topics for a persuasive speech in the realm of social media. Give the ones mentioned below a try.

  1. Do selfies enhance or reduce self-confidence?
  2. What should be a suitable punishment for the crime of cyberbullying?
  3. What are the most unbiased and authentic sources for getting information and news?
  4. Are online friendships the same as in-person friendships?
  5. Are influencers in social media channels good or bad for society?


There’s no shortage of good speech topics in the health and medicine domain. Find the most interesting ones below.

  1. Do school campuses ban soda and candy?
  2. Does America completely ban tobacco products?
  3. Does a plant-based diet score over a meat-based diet?
  4. If fast food is taxed, will it combat obesity?
  5. Should genetically modified foods be banned?

Final Words

Now that you know about the various good persuasive speech topics, you can start exploring them. But remember that your speech will only result in the desired outcome if you make it after conducting thorough research on your subject. It’s crucial to analyze a subject’s multiple angles and present your views. It is what will allow you to appear well-informed on your topic.

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