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Mistakes Every PHP Programmer Must Avoid: Become a Pro In PHP

php homework help

PHP is a popular choice among programmers and developers which makes it pretty easy to build dynamic website pages and applications. It is an open-source general-purpose language that is highly preferred by programming enthusiasts these days. If you are also a novice PHP developer, then a PHP homework help expert can assist you with your projects. But, if you really want to master this language, it is essential to assess the mistakes that PHP developers mostly commit. Especially, when they switch from another language to PHP.


Common PHP Development Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Whether you have just dived into PHP learning, or you are a developer working with PHP here are some most common mistakes that you must be careful of. It is a smart way to maintain the quality of your work, and handle your tasks efficiently.

  • Skipping The URLs: 

This is one of the highly reported mistakes that even the online PHP homework help professionals also point out. The URLs that you mention have to be clean, and legible. It is best to follow the framework guides including Zend, Symfony, Laravel, etc. They all help learn the intricacies of URL writing.

It is always best to avoid variables, as it makes the URLs illegible. Modern-day technology requires evolved approach, and this is something that you can do to improve your PHP development skills. Also, you should focus on keeping the URL concise.


  • Using The Operators Incorrectly: 

The operators are basically symbols used for manipulating the variables and values by conducting an operation on them. Students often find them confusing and end up committing a blunder.

This is a major thing you have to be careful about. One common example is using the assignment ‘=’ in place of comparison ‘==’. Do you know what it can do? The value of the variable changes completely, which messes up with the data. If you are struggling in this area due to a lack of knowledge, it is best to go for a PHP programming help to achieve higher scores among your peers.


  • Relying On The MySQL Extension: 

If you know the market, this is no news that MySQL has become obsolete. This makes it an unreliable option that does not offer SSL support. MySQL is deprecated by PHP 5.5.0, and you can find deprecation notices at the top end of the app. Do you know how much harm it can cause?

It can be easily accessed through Google by hackers from anywhere. Your site becomes insecure, which puts it in a vulnerable position to be attacked by anyone. Instead, using the MySQLi extension is always recommended. It is quicker and offers boosted security. It also provides debugging features, and enhanced support for store procedure, prepared statements, API transactions, etc.


  • Not Using PDO: 

PDO, or PHP Data Objects is an efficient feature that saves a lot of time. This enables you to collect the data directly into the objects. It also allows you to utilize named parameters. You can easily use the object-oriented syntax to align the code for some popular databases, like MS SQL, and PostgreSQL. During your PHP learning journey, an experienced PHP assignment help specialist can guide you with your difficult tasks. They often work with PDO to ensure a clean and secured PHP code.

Although the internet is flooded with numerous tutorials on PDO, yet the programmers have not been able to discover all its features. It is basically a database access abstraction layer that works as a unified interface and accesses various databases. This serves in automated handling of many basic operations which have to be repeated several times while writing codes for applications.


  • Skipping Database Caching: 

You must be aware that caches work wonderfully to improve the performance, and the user experience while accessing any website or application. When it comes to PHP, caching is highly useful for storing details including HTMP pages, files, etc., in the user’s local hard disk, for the future.

In PHP, you can easily create a cache for three major factors that are memory, content, and database. Caching can be done easily by saving the final outcome of a particular PHP script in the file system. The database access is avoided, as a result, it works much quicker than other previously made requests. PHP homework help specialists often recommend using query cache, Memcached, varnish, Redis, etc.


  • Mishandling Of Errors:

When an error appears, it is to notify you about an existing problem. Ignoring the errors by suppressing them, and let the app running is a perfect recipe for potential issues. Also, if a website or application is loading with errors then it is certainly going to spoil the experience and make the end-user annoyed.

Hence, the best way to deal with this situation is to redirect these errors to an error log. You can do it with the help of a php.ini file. However, if there is regular logging happening then the website can slow down. And, the chances increase while there is heavy traffic.

The specialized PHP homework help professionals suggest using custom error handles like Paper-tail to handle even the most sensitive errors. The error handlers work by pushing the errors to the back-end which prevents them from appearing on the screen. Also, they kill the application right away if the errors are too serious. Afterward, programmers identify these errors and work on fixing them.


  • Loopholes In Configuration: 

When you carelessly leave the development configuration system, and sensitive data, it can reveal the setup making it prone to hacking. You can easily eliminate app_dev.php. This enables you to access the app’s development version from the deployed servers. The php.ini files also contain configuration data.

In case the site gets host on a shared server, it can expose the site to an unwanted audience. You must ensure that the local PHP settings are specified to the hosting account of the programmers. Doing this guarantees that the app is available in a secured and restricted environment.



Learning any programming language could be a challenge. PHP known as a fairly easier option by many developers out there, but a single mistake can lead to disaster. In this blog, we have shared the most frequently reported PHP development mistakes. Hence, it is best to stay aware, or hire a qualified PHP assignment help expert to do the job for you.

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